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In her authorships Josephine deBois explores the edge between the real and the unreal which she approaches in captivating stories developed from her exceptional imagination and deep psychological insight. She constantly explores the deep, fundamental questions of being and not being a human being as she brings the fundamentals of science, art and religion face-to-face in stunning encounters of life, death and love. She also writes children books and is columnist covering scientific subjects. Josephine deBois lives in Europe.


What Makes a Human Human?

"'What makes you a better person if you are made in one way and not the other? And how would you even know the difference?'"

Ludwig Mann is a conductor riding the heights of fame and execution in his profession. Organizing orchestras in sell-out live performances and selling popular recordings around the world, life seems to be in the palm of his hand. Still, he is plagued with insecurities and doubt about his work, his life, and his romance. On the one hand is Tiffany Yun, a talented pianist whom he has bound his existence to despite fate and culture keeping them apart. On the other is Josephine deBois, his manager, who has been with him every step of the way and is deeply committed to him. The pressures of being a celebrity and always in demand compound this unsure aspect of his nature, but a deeper, darker secret is hidden from even Ludwig himself which leads to the focus on what the existence of a synthetically created human being would do to the psyche of the world as well as the people involved in his creation and life asks a lot of fascinating questions and gives them to the reader to consider as well. The read itself is brisk, stylish, full of high society living and all of the flourishes of cinematic post-production, such as the cinematography and musical backing integrated directly into the story itself. Just like the unlikely marriage of the conspirators coming from both the scientific and religious communities, this story intersects art and science, facts and feelings in a way that excites all of the senses.


“I read this magnificent work, amadeus over a single weekend. The plot is gripping and the meticulously detailed sensual scenes left my heart heavy...”

- Akela Grevy

“I finished Amadeus in a single day on Friday in a great big rush but I can hardly say that I understood it. Did Giovanni and Josephine...”

- Walter from New York

“Written in a screenplay style and format, many of the scenes that occur in this story come to life with stage direction, film transitions, and the clever use...”

- Michael Radon


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